Developed in Austria and
used worldwide

Reliability is a question of precision

Careful selection of materials and components, exacting workmanship and precise quality control make certain that our systems are among the most reliable of their kind.

Semi- and fully automatic facilities

The beer pasteurization facilities developed and manufactured by us in Austria reflect our longstanding know-how in this field. We deliver beer pasteurisation facilities from smaller hand-operated facilities on up to fully automatic, computer-controlled pasteurization systems.

Customization through close collaboration

Our flexible development and manufacturing make it possible to fulfil all of our customers’ wishes. Through close collaboration with our customers, we were able in recent decades to take a considerable leap forward in technology which is reflected in every one of our installations.

Wort coolers and wort heaters

It all depends on the dimensioning

Wort cooling in a plate heat exchanger is an everyday occurrence. Significant for this application is the proper dimensioning of the wort cooler because reaching the optimal brewing water temperature and the right wort exit temperature over the entire wort cooling process save time and money.

The large choice of Fischer heat exchange profiles » is of decisive meaning here.

Energy that does not cost anything

Better than favorably priced energy is energy that does not cost anything at all. Through a proprietary plate heat exchanger developed by Fischer, the E120SPG, the energy of the steam resulting from the brewing process is transformed and reused.

The recovered energy is restored to the system in the form of hot water. In addition, the energy recovery is supported by the wort cooler, wort heater, water heater and condensate cooler.

During the pasteurization of beer, the heat recovery keeps energy costs low. The product to be heated is preheated by means of the already pasteurised product which still reflects the pasteurization temperature. At the same time, the pasteurized product is cooled by the countercurrent.

Up to 95% heat recovery

Depending on the design, up to 95% of the heat can be recovered in this way. The pre-warmed product will subsequently be brought to pasteurization temperature in the so-called heating section. The already pre-cooled product will be cooled down to the desired final temperature in its own cooling section.

EU-conforming safety of FISCHER

High-pressure pumps and booster pumps—likewise from the house of Fischer—serve not only to advance the product through the installation but also to make sure that in case there is a leak, that the unpasteurized product can in no event, contact the pasteurized product. That happens by virtue of the fact that a pressure-booster pump keeps the pressure on the pasteurized side higher than on the entry side. If there is a leak, pasteurized beer can be forced into the unpasteurized beer but not the other way around.

Your advantages at a glance

  • EU-conforming system
  • Flexible and individual project management and planning with longstanding know-how
  • Simple adaptation to future changes in the facility’s performance
  • High adaptability
  • Can be delivered with a manual or fully automatic CIP system » from the house of FISCHER
  • Quick availability of replacement parts from our big warehouse
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long service life