Efficiency through competent design
of every thermal process.

Plate heat exchangers

Customer-specific planning and construction and rapid availability from our expansive warehouse—these are just three of our quality features. Special constructions and adaptations can, of course, be manufactured as well.

You already have a plate heat exchanger and are looking for a particular plate for it? Then you will find it here with the aid of the fabrication number here ».

Possible combinations
Type of frame
Standing frame
Wall mounted frame
Tower frame
Frame finish
Stainless steel

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Fischer is the specialist for your next plate heat exchanger.

The product palette includes various systems and plate profiles. That way, we can offer the most efficient designs for the heat exchanger in the most varied types of application.

In-house development and design make it possible to manufacture the appropriate heat exchanger for all thermal processing situations. In addition, in-house tooling construction, fitted with the best machine technology makes it possible to implement special constructions rapidly.

Fischer has specialised in its customers’ individual wishes and with a multitude of heat exchanger profiles, makes special adaptation of the heat exchanger possible while also taking economic and ecological requirements into consideration.


Thermal processing technology

A plate heat exchanger from FISCHER can grow out of your requirements at any time. It can at any time be rebuilt through rearrangement or addition of plates in order to accommodate changed operating conditions or achieve improved performance.

Advantages of the Fischer plate heat exchanger at a glance