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Individualised customer solutions through integrated development & manufacturing since 1933

Thermal processing installations

Precision and customisation in manufacturing top notch pasteurisation facilities.

Plate heat exchangers

Through individualised planning and execution, we get outstanding performance and efficiency.

Heat exchanger plates

The in-house design and manufacture of products adapted to customer requirements gives you the leeway you expect from a company like ours.

Replacement parts delivered quickly from a warehouse nearby

Security through variety and quick availability

Being close to our customers is a significant aspect of our corporate philosophy. Our replacement parts and service are there when you need us. That means you can focus on innovating and being cost-effective. You can find our locations here »

“Which plate is best suited to my requirements?”

Look here » for the plates best suited for the heat exchanger you are planning.

Our comprehensive, well organized replacement parts warehouse makes it possible for us to respond immediately to customer orders. That means replacement parts for all devices and systems built in past decades.

Find plates by using the fabrication number or lot number.

By entering the fabrication number » of your device or the lot number » of your plates, you will find the plates and seals for your heat exchanger.

Planning your heat exchanger

Put your device together based your specific requirements.

Uncompromisingly efficient since 1933

A heat exchanger from the house of FISCHER.

In-house development and design make it possible for us to produce the right heat exchanger for every thermal processing installation. The close, decades-long collaboration with our customers as allowed FISCHER to become the specialist in custom-made designs. Our in-house tooling construction and our technical know-how make for a quick implementation of your project ideas.

We are proud that well-known beverage producers around the world have been valuing our quality for decades and continue to count on the operational safety and efficiency of our heat exchangers as well as their adaptability to economic and ecological demands.




Food products
Chemical, steel and cellulose industries
Heating and solar technology



A passion for precision and details

Through our in-house tooling production and the use of the highest quality materials, we provide our customers with a head start on the world market. The cost-saving maintenance and longevity of our products are reflections of their quality and efficiency.

Customer satisfaction begins with listening

We have transformed our close, decades-long collaboration with our customers into innovations and multi-faceted know-how. This is competence from which your own individual project ideas can benefit right away.


The trendiest fruits turn into the highest valued juices as they wend their way through our facilities.

Food products need certain cleanliness
CIP (cleaning in place) systems — EU-conforming, patented cleaning for pasteurisation systems