Safety for your milk production
Patented. Guaranteed. EU-conforming.

Patented system - EU-conforming

Water in the production cycle? No way!

Pressure in the production cycle is at least 0.5 bar higher than pressure in the water cycle. The booster pump makes sure that the pressure on the pasteurised milk is always at least 0.5 bar higher than that on the non-pasteurised milk.

Should a leak occur in the heat exchanger, the pasteurised product will always be forced into the unpasteurised—never the other way around. In accordance with EU guidelines, it is thereby guaranteed that even in the case of a fractured plate, water can never get into the production cycle.

You can be sure: only 100% perfectly pasteurised milk leaves your facility.

Damage overlooked? Can’t happen!

Viewing port in the hot water circuit!

The viewing port makes a quick leak check of the heat exchanger possible. If the water is clear, the plate cannot have cracked.

Areas of application

  • Milk for drinking
  • Milk for cheese
  • Milk for yoghurt processing
  • Whey
  • Whet concentrate
  • Cream

Your advantages at a glance

  • EU-conforming system
  • Flexible and individualised project management and planning with longstanding know-how
  • Simple adaptation to future changes in the facility’s performance
  • High adaptability
  • Can be delivered with a manual or fully automatic CIP system » from the house of FISCHER
  • Quick availability of replacement parts from our big warehouse
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long service life