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With our expansive spareparts warehouse, we offer plates, gaskets and other component parts for all machines, apparatus and systems that we have built in the most recent decades.

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Short-term deliveries of components as well as optimally trained service technicians for installation and maintenance work are available to our clients.

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How do you find the fabrication number » of your appartus, the lot number » your plates and what requires attention when submitting an inquiry with the aid of a photo »

Where do I find the fabrication number of my apparatus?

You will find the fabrication number of the heat exchanger on the name plate on the front of the frame.

You will find the plates for the corresponding device by entering the fabrication number here »

Where do I find the lot number of my plates?

The lot number is stamped on the heat exchanger plate centred near one of the round recesses.

You will find the plate for your heat exchanger by entering the lot number here »

Inquiry by means of photo

We will be happy to have you simply send us a photo of your apparatus or your plate.

In doing so, please take care that

  • it would be best to photograph the plate in the standing position,
  • having the lot number positioned as close as possible to the camera, even if it is no longer legible,
  • making sure both sides are depicted and
  • the recesses at the ends are also visible, if possible.

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